We offer a variety of services to help your company get on the right track fast. These range from ad-hoc advisory services, to executive team workshops to consulting engagements.


A quick-fire way to bring your executive team into alignment on positioning, value proposition discovery and validation, product-market fit and roadmap alignment. These typically take the form of a highly interactive 2 or 3 day workshop with your executive team followed up by a full report back of results and recommendations for moving forward. 


Validating positioning, product-market fit, target segments and personas is a time consuming process normally involving significant research, customer and partner interviews and assimilation of data. We can run those processes on your behalf, and provide an third-party, unbiased view of the market without defocusing your team.


We undertake ad-hoc consulting engagements, which may take from a few days to several weeks, to get your positioning, strategy and product processes into world-class shape - and helping you to get revenues on track fast. 

We are based in London and service clients on a global basis.